The Most Disgusting Smells To Make Anyone Feel Dizzy

Alyssa Lightman


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How often do you concentrate on the smells? There are those insane aromas that can destroy your mood and take a few hours to get rid of. Some of the aromas are so irritating and disgusting people have to pen up all the windows in the house and spread a gallon of air freshener to stop the torture. Some of them seem to be able to kill. Here is the list consisting of 10 of the worst smells imaginable.


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Human/animal feces. Why does human and animal waste smell so awful? It is packed with bacteria. Food, once passed through the body, is expelled as either urine or feces. Urine has a distinctive and wretched odor of its own, but feces is generally a more powerful stench. For those who eat a lot of green vegetables their feces are especially pungent.


Foot / body odor. It is always pungent, repulsive, and embarrassing. You always know it when you smell it. A case of bad BO or foot odor can be incredibly repulsive if not taken care of. BO is caused by the smell of bacteria growing on the body. As the bacteria multiple, they can quickly become smelly and offensive. They do this considerably in the presence of sweat, but sweat itself is almost odorless. Body odor is associated with the hair, feet, groin, skin, armpits, genitals, and pubic hair. This can be especially bad in the workplace where it can be tough to get away. Who wants to be the one to tell a co-worker that he needs a shower?


The human mouth. No one likes to hear it, but it is worse not to know it! You have bad breath. It can be embarrassing and tough on those around you. Some people do not realize it because people are afraid to tell them. Inside your mouth reside billions of bacteria that cling to your teeth and the back of your tongue. Without proper dental hygiene, bad breath becomes a most foreboding olfactory hazard and can lead to shame. Not sure if your breath is bad? Ask a trusted friend or your significant other, "'Does my breath smell? It's really hard to tell on your own.


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Rotten food. A forgotten take-out box in the back of the refrigerator, an old cooler full of food without power can result in some of the foulest smelling odors you have ever come across, making for a nasty surprise. All these represent the foulest scent of spoiled food. Odors can come from two sources: either chemicals that are released from the food as the microbes decompose it, or chemicals produced directly by the microbes themselves.


Durian. The Durian is a fruit that is very common in South East Asia. Some foreigners like it but others are put off by its stink, which has been described as rotting onions and terribly smelling gym socks. The durian smells so bad because it emits approximately 44 terrible smelling compounds. The durian is banned in some places especially in Singapore, owing to its terrible smell.


Stagnant water. Water that is filled with bacteria has a very distinctive smell that can be detected from quite a distance. It's the smell of like, old wet clothes that have been sitting for too long, or a stale sponge. Smelly, stagnant water is not just full of mosquitos and other insects, they are also extremely harmful to both animals and humans.


Spoiled fish. Fresh fish and other seafood should be odorless or smell a bit like fresh sea air. Fish that has gone off, however, has an odor that is undeniably offensive that other smells cannot be compared to it. Bad seafood odor can be incredibly offensive and difficult to get rid of.


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Wet Dog. Dogs tend to smell pretty awful after getting wet. Have you ever wondered what the recipe is for this particularly pungent scent?  Aroma of a wet dog is one that many pet owners consider the worst smell ever. It is believed to be caused by changes in the compounds that are found in wet dog hair. Taking your dog for a walk, you are taking a whole host of microorganisms for a stroll too. So spending the day frolicking in the water with a four-legged friend can be so much fun! However, that horrid smell from a wet dog can cause a fun experience to turn.


The hoatzin. The Hoatzin is one of the worst smelling birds on the planet.  It is often called the stinkbird, a name that it has rightfully earned owing to the strong stench that the bird gives off. The Hoatzin digests its food with the help of foregut fermentation. The hoatzin smells so bad despite its good taste.


Rotten eggs. If you at least once break the rotten egg, you will never forget this disgusting smell... Rotten eggs are nature’s stink bombs – one whiff is enough to send most people running! The apartment, after this, will require a very long ventilation.