The 7 Strangest And Creepiest Phobias

Dima Tolkachov


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We all, without exception, experience fears of some kind in our life, and there is not a trace of disgrace in being afraid of anything. Fear is not the absence of courage. On the contrary, it is a typical reaction of our mind to danger or threat. Thus, it is the cornerstone of the evolutionary survival mechanism Mother Nature graced us with upon our birth. However, a lot of people have irrational fears called phobias. In fact, phobias are anxiety disorders that occur due to a traumatic experience in the past. They are uncontrollable and disproportional to actual danger. That's why someone might have a panic attack if you just say you spotted a tiny mouse in the room. There are well-known phobias like acrophobia, the panic fear of heights, and arachnophobia, which is the obsessive fear of spiders. There are also extremely specific phobias. Strange and bizarre for people who are lucky for not having been cursed with these terrifying conditions, these phobias can turn someone's life into a nightmare. Let's take a look at the least common of them. Trust me, they will definitely send a few shivers down your spine!




The Fear of Buttons, or Koumpounophobia


Famously described in ‘Coraline', a book and a movie featuring a villain called The Other Mother who sewed buttons over her victims' eyes to enslave them, this phobia is unusual, but not that uncommon. The very sight of these tiny discs make thousands of sufferers' skin crawl. The specific fear may vary dramatically between people, affected by this condition. Some find something sinister about the holes pierced into buttons. Others can't stand the texture while some people are afraid of accidentally swallowing them. Someone even erroneously attempted to explain Steve Jobs' affinity for touch-screens with a case of koumpounophobia. The Apple mastermind did hate buttons, but not the ones sewed on your shirt. He disliked control buttons on smartphones finding them obsolete and unnecessary.


source //  tumblr


The Fear of Clustered Holes, or Trypophobia


You can count yourself among typanophobes if you have a visceral reaction to anything that has clusters of holes. That's why organic objects like lotus seed pods and strawberries, as well as air bubbles in chocolate and sponges give the trypophobic people the heebie-jeebies. Although it's not on the list of official phobias, this natural reaction makes quite a lot of people shiver and feel sick.




The condition is based on a brain response that considers tiny holes dangerous. They are subconsciously associated with the holes made by insects, the dotted coloration of many poisonous species, as well as wounds, sores, or ulcers. Therefore, hole patterns may eventually cause a feeling of extreme discomfort in adults due to a traumatic childhood experience involving honeycombs or frogs.


source // cystbursting


The Fear of Beards, or Pogonophobia


Men might be growing beards to appear more masculine to women and more dominant to other men. However, some people might be phobic about 'lumbersexuals'. A negative event in the part linked with a bearded person (e.g., Santa who brought you an ugly deer sweater instead of an iPod) may break out into a cold sweat at the mere thought of a man with excessive facial hair. In the West, this phobia is also related to a social stereotype that considers a beard-bearing individual as unhygienic, a hobo, as well as a xenophobic preconception, that associates bearded people with religious fanatics.


source // clerencekraze.blogspot


The Fear of Belly Buttons, or Omphalophobia


Among the rarest and least documented phobias is the overwhelming fear of having one's bellybutton touched, or even of seeing one being touched. What are they exactly terrified of? Well, omphalophobes are afraid that their belly buttons will either be pulled out, along with their intestines or accidentally punctured. They put a plaster to protect their navels when taking a bath. Moreover, they are disgusted at seeing other people with exposed belly buttons.


source // blogs.babycenter


Fear of Being Buried Alive, or Taphophobia


What is common between Edgar Allen Poe and George Washington? They both had an abnormal fear of being placed in a grave when still being alive. This phobia wasn't entirely irrational before the advent of modern medicine. Throughout history, hundreds of people were presumed dead when in a coma or just unconscious. Taphophobia can develop in kids who were buried in sand and left alone, as well miners who got trapped hundreds of feet below the earth. It's also closely related to the fear of death that is common among elderly people.


source // tothfrantisek.deviantart


The Fear of Vampires, or Sanguivoriphobia


Those of you who have Twilight-phobia might doubt that ‘the fear of blood eaters’ is not fake, but people who start believing that vampires do exist might consequently develop a real phobia, a bizarre irrational fear that Dracula will show up at the window and will sink his teeth into their necks, sucking the life from their veins. A sanguivoriphobic person might sleep with blankets tucked all the way up to one’s chin for years until he or she decides to consult a psychologist.


source // tumblr


The Fear of Zombies, or Kinemortophobia


Long before the term "zombie" was popularized in the 1920s, numerous cultures all over the world had myths involving the undead. In popular culture, a zombie apocalypse is recognized as a metaphor for the social and economic breakdown. However, the concept of the hordes of the walking dead gives some people a feeling of intolerable revulsion and fear that could reach the level of nausea and panic attacks. Individuals who are kinemortophobiacs wait for doomsday when an unknown virus spreads far and wide, leading to the utter chaos in society and the idea of the idea of turning into a no-brainer scares them to death.


source // netanimations