A Cat With Down's Syndrome That Will Melt Your Heart

Maxxim Belousov


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A lot of us like cat, but not everybody knows about this super unique and playful buddy. His story will make you shed a tear. Michael Bjørn and Mikala Klein from Denmark were looking to adopt a cute cat. Somebody was waiting for them in a local shelter. They discovered a small cat, which looked different from others. But Monty quickly melts their hearts and captured love forever. His name is Monty; he was living at the shelter for a very long time because nobody wanted to take him home. A lot of people were afraid of him because of his unusual appearance. He looks a little bit...strange.

The couple was very to happy to find this cute fluffy friend. After bringing him home, Michael noticed that his behavior was also unique. He would pee in his sleep. He consulted a vet and found that something was wrong with his cat.  They wanted to know why he acts so strange and what he suffers from. After numerous researches and tests, they found that Monty has a chromosome abnormality. Also, it can be compared with Down's Syndrome in humans. But this small abnormality doesn't mean anything. He's a good cat who likes to play just like other cats. He's always happy and incredibly gentle. He always likes to be in somebody's hands and hate being lonely.  

This lovely cat is very popular outside his family. His Facebook page Monty has more than 135.000 followers.  On his social media page, you can buy different clothes and things with a 'Monty-logo'. All income from selling merch went to a shelter where he used to live.  If you noticed, this cat doesn't have a bone in his nose. But he's still popular, it means that appearance is not everything. At first, his owners didn't know what to do with him, but they didn't want to throw him away.


source // earthporm

His nose looks pretty funny, Monty is like a supermodel among other cats. Other cats won’t look this funny. You can see a lot of drama in his beautiful eyes, it’s like he understand the whole meaning of life, so much pain. But he never gives up and keeps his faith in his meow future.


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Monty sneezes more than normal but at the same time, he's healthy. A vet said it’s not a big problems and his owners have no any reason to worry about it. In this photo he looks like he was sleeping for a decade, and woke up too early.


source // meowoof


His owners love him and do their best to care for him. Everyone would agree that he deserved it, and this homeless cat finally found his real family and his home. What a heart-touching story. They spend a lot of free time to play with him and give him their love, and honestly Monty likes it pretty much.


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Here's a photo of a pillow with his cartoon version. Wow...they look like brothers from the same mother. Which one do you like the most? Don’t lie they both look extremely cute. Even if they are not perfect, they are absolutely ‘Pawsome’! Monty looks a lil bit upset, maybe he needs a hug, or maybe nobody gave him cat food today. Bet his lunch is waiting for him in the kitchen! Meow...


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Monty is a big fan of hide-and-seek, he hopes nobody will find him in a drawer.He loves to play with other cats, and he’s not the only cat that lives in this house. Other cats can’t live without Monty, because they all are family. Sometimes Monty likes to be alone, he needs his own cat-space, but not for a long.


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Monty is yawning and gets ready for his sleep. Sleeping alone is what he hates the most, that’s why he loves lying on Michael’s lap. He likes to cuddle in somebody’s arms. Since Monty found his new home he can’t stop playing and expressing his happiness.  His open-hearted owners say that every animal must be loved treated with respect, in spite of their abnormalities. If you really like this cute cat, you can visit his facebook page, and receive fresh news about his life.