6 Gorgeous Disney Hipster Princesses

Maxxim Belousov


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Everyone of us like these sweet and cute Disney princess. They look nice and set an example of what a real lady should look like and how they should act. No doubt! But even the nicest person in the world wants to be a badass. These reimagined photos of Disney princess will make you stop and stare for a while. Artist Emmanuel Viola has his own vision of Disney princesses; that's why his characters have piercings and tattoos all over their bodies.  

So if you are wondering what Disney princesses would look like now, then you can't miss these overwhelming creations.  


1. Ariel


Everyone remembers Ariel as a cute little mermaid who turned into a human. Wow...what a tear-shedding story. Back in a day when she was swimming in the ocean, she had no inkings on her body. Now she looks like a typical hipster girl. Captain obvious is here! She stole the show in her stylish shorts and crop top, tats on her hands and piercing above her lips. It seems like she's ready to rock the party, and do you know what? A little party never killed nobody. A lot of people may ask: Who’s that girl? La la la. It’s not easy to recognize her now, but her modern version looks like a cold-hearted sexy girl. If she met her prince now, he wouldn’t have any chance to hook up with her. Because she’s too good for him.


source // thegloss


2. Jasmine 


Cutie Jasmine is a fictional character from the Arabian Kingdom. It's not easy to imagine her wearing something that looks far from her everyday dress. This beauty looks extra gorgeous in a white tank top. Also it's not hard to notice her spectacular tattoos. In this picture, she looks like a hot girl from L.A.. Definitely, this photo of Jasmine will make guys sweat. How do you like her hipster look?

Aladdin would drop his jaw if he saw her transformation. She’s a beautiful devil and looks hot from head to toe. Spectacular! She can easily find a job in fashion. Can you imagine her posing for Vogue or Playboy magazine? Most definitely!


source // smash


3. Snow White 


Snow White is one of the nicest Disney characters ever. This open-hearted and naive girl is nothing but a pure personification of kindness. Now close your eyes and look at her re-imagined look. At first sight, this girl has nothing in common with Snow White. This pin-up bombshell who's sipping on some apple juice must be a gold-digger. And this is what happens when you come to the dark side. This new version of Snow White is ready to kick someone's butt.  Talking about her style, this babe is shining, she looks great no matter what she wears. Look at her red gloves, that’s nothing, but a new trend. Snow White looks upset, maybe she broke up with her boyfriend, and put her heart in the ice-box where it used to be, just kidding she’s celebrating her reincarnation.


source // smash


4. Cinderella  


As you remember, Cinderella was kind to all; she had faith that would make you believe in good, and she taught us that dreams always come true. Her fairy godmother gave her a chance to live the life she's always wanted.  Cinderella goes glam! This light-skinned version of Riri looks super sexy, and some words are like ‘Trick better have my money ‘ are falling from her lips. Diamond rings, dark shades, tight white dress is what she falls for. This new Cinderella might be taken as another Tumblr girl.  

High heel tattoo has something in common with Jimmy Choo’s new collection. so sophisticated. Is she wearing her designed sunglasses for sleeping? Just can’t imagine Cinderella without them.


source // smash


5. Belle 


‘A Beauty And The Beast' star is in her beast mode, when we talk about fashion. Her sophisticated look will make every guy fall on his knees. As you can see her nose piercing, incredible tattoos and fashionable gothic dress make her look unique among other Disney princesses. It's a diamond in the ruff. Finally, she got rid of that horrible lion-man or whatever you call it. Now, this single lady is ready to impress us with her adorable look. Her natural beauty and juicy body parts are what party animals can only think about. Turn up!

Her gothic style is really tailored and she feels very confident. Belle is going to start her new life, so let’s look at her again in 50 years.


source // smash


6. Aurora 


Is this ‘Sleeping Beauty' still sleeping? Because it seems like her next boyfriend is rolling down the highway in his Ford Mustang to finally find her and kiss her juicy lips to say ‘Hello'. She looks really badass, if you know what we mean. She's definitely that type of girl who likes tough guys and a fast ride. Take a look at her tattoos, multiple piercings, super tight black dress and ink machine in her hands. Being a good girl in her previous life made her want to change her mind.

Black is her favorite color now, maybe she’s living in some dangerous place, but we all know that she’s still beautiful inside, and her body and soul are looking for love and understanding.


source // smash