Top 15 Fitstagrammies To Follow

Maxxim Belousov


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Everyone wants to get a perfect body. In some cases people are looking for extra motivation and don't know how to start it. These famous athletes and trainers will show you the way to get a body of your dream, Their instagram accounts are full of useful information, tips and beautiful shots. So, what are you waiting for? Let's do it! 


These professional athletes and trainers on Instagram will motivate and inspire everyone to follow efforts to build a perfect body. These fit and active people from all around the world are straight flexin'. Social media will give you a fresh dose of inspiration, from yoga masters to heavyweight bodybuilders. Their Insta-pics and videos will make you follow the right trend in reaching your goals of a healthy lifestyle.  




1. Curtis Williams


This former NFL player grinds hard in the gym and everything that he does looks spectacular. Former NFL player Curtis Williams stepped his gym game up. He was wide receiver for New York Knicks, but left sports career and started to do his another thing. His training philosophy is to make a movement and become more athletic. He teaches people how to make their muscles bigger or lean out. 


He helps people to understand their bodies and get the most beneficial results. His body looks fantastic, even he gets some cheat meals. His high intensive workouts turned him into a real role model. Nobody said it would be easy; that's why this guy goes hardest he can. His perfect body will inspire you to do your best on your next workout.




2. Two Bad Bodies


This beautiful athletic duo will make you follow their unbelievable moves. From coordinated jump rope routines to synchronized stair workouts. Jennifer Forrester and Kaisa Keranen are good friends since they met each other at the University of Washington. Their Instagram account is full of unusual and creative workout programs. 


This duo will show you how to have fun with your fitness routine. Kaisa and Jennifer have their own philosophy of movement, and they can tell you everything about understanding of the human body. They created their unique "Tabata"-style workouts and those who will follow them can get a stunning body in a few months. They can develop a program for every client to achieve whatever you want. Their instagram account has the most useful video tutorial for people who want to change their lifestyle.



3. Kenneth Gallarzo


Kenneth Gallarzo is a real daredevil; he's the founder of World Calisthenics Organization . His gravity-defying moves are for those who wants to try something new. The mission of this coach to spread his calisthenics mission around the world. Insane handstands and levers are what you will find after seeing his motivational Instagram account. 


If you know next to nothing about diets and workout routines,then you got a right guy to ask. He says that fitness should be balanced. You can get more with his wise fitness philosophy, because his workouts are out of this world. If you want to enjoy your workouts, but don’t know how to start it, you can follow Kenneth on instagram and get his regular updates.



4. Jessi Kneeland


Strength coach Jessi Kneeland started the one of the healthiest movements around the globe. Her program includes everything from fit and fun moves, squats to tough chin-ups. We have to give her credit for her impressive hula-hoop skills. Her body acceptance movement gets more followers every single day. Women today want to be stronger and feel better. 


She’s a certified personal trainer, fitness expert and famous blogger. She helps women to build a perfect body to use a power that lives inside of everyone, sounds incredible, right? She says: ‘It is incredibly empowering to put in the work and then actually see and feel the results in your body. It’s rewarding and astonishing to realize that you are stronger and better this week than you were last week. I use fitness to encourage a strong sense of self-worth, and foster body-positivity and self-acceptance along the way.



5. Ashley Galvin


Ashley Galvin is a famous yoga teacher from Manhattan Beach, CA. She has a lot of passion for nutrition and an active lifestyle. She likes to share her healthy philosophy, and she helps people to find a key to a perfect diet. This stunning babe is also fantastic at Acro Yoga. Her secret of staying healthy and beautiful is balanced with diet and exercise. Her conscious lifestyle inspired a million girls. 


You can take a personal lesson from Ashley Galvin and her 60 minute class will take to the next level physically and mentally. It’s a great opportunity to try something new and make yourself feel a new person. She loves to teach others ,so if you are all about a healthy and conscious lifestyle then you can practice some of her exercises. Her motivation is to stay in shape and look beautiful all the time. She has a lot of various natural beauty secrets and she can share them all. Also Ashley can hit you up with healthy and easy recipes.



6. Jen Selter


Jen Selter took Instagram by the storm with her six million followers. He became the most irresistible media sensation. Her Instagram butt selfies make everyone say ‘OMG'. This famous fitness model likes to share her favorite glute routine. Her glute-focused moves can help any girl to build a great backside that'll surely turn heads. Every her butt-selfie gets more than 5k followers, that’s quite impressive. Her audience grows every single day, let’s give her a credit, because she deserved it. 


Jen created her own fitness plan that helps girl to achieve a perfect butt. As she said she’s a social media freak, and she likes to share her photos via facebook, instagram or twitter. She was not ready to blow up as the next instagram fitness model, she was just doing her thing in the gym and all she’s ever wanted to motivate and inspire people. A lot of brands are looking for her, because her Instafame is a great platform for promoting and selling their products.




7. The Rock


This great bodybuilder and movie star doesn't need any introduction. His Instagram is for those who are too lazy and for those who need a little kick out of bed. His gym videos will pump you up. The Rock is a great example of people we need in our society. Everything he does, he does it with passion and love. Hope his photos will motivate you to overcome your laziness, and you will become more focused during your gym routine. Follow his steps if you want to be the next badass with huge muscles.



We all are big fans of his movies and he’s definitely that type of guy who can change this world for better. His ‘Hercules’ diet plan is a key to success in achieving the strong body.



Healthy meals are what you need if you are trying to do your best in the gym. A lot of people will say that he’s living the dream, you can live your dream too. His instagram updates will give you the best tips, and don’t forget to watch his epic videos.

8. Massiel “Massy” Arias


Massiel "Massy" Arias is the best personal trainer you will ever find. We know that you hate your leg day, but she will take your leg day to the next level. Her body speaks louder than a thousand of words and she's not a joke when it comes to training. She changes lives and inspires a new generation of trainers. She has 1.65 million Instagram followers, but not because of her nice booty and striking abs. This girl sets a great example for people of her age.


Massy inspires a new generation of people and changes their lives. Her training style includes different techniques. Her positive vision, hard work and dedication are changing the fitness industry and bring her followers all over the world. This stunning fitness role model was featured in Cosmopolitan, WorldStar HipHop, Huffington Post and many others.




9. Mike Marchese


This is what happens when bodyweight training meets breakdancing. His handstand push-ups deserve nothing but standing ovations. This true athlete does the hardest work, his indoor and outdoor workouts look quite impressive. He posts the most breathtaking videos and uses different training methodologies.


Mike is one of the greatest fitness trainers of all time, he teaches people how they can use every tool they have. He helps people to discover the wonders of healthy lifestyle. Mike helps his clients to build a form that looks great and make them feel even better. His eating and training strategies bring people only the best results. He always finds different ways to inspire and motivate his clients, in some cases he feels like a psychologist and helps people go through their ups and downs.



10. Robin Arzon


She's the most fearless and confident personal trainer and spin instructor. The streets of NYC are her playground.Robin will make you want to push past your limits, only sweat and tears on the road to a healthy lifestyle. She likes to run ultra marathons, and she doesn't get tired of anything she does. She’s fantastic running coach and cycling instructor, the Ambassador of Sweat. She will show you how to sweat with swagger on these streets. Style means a lot for her, so she’s won’t sacrifice it for function.


Robin is an Editor-In-Chief of UNDO MAGAZINE, no wonder she knows everything about sweat and fashion. She loves to run in her Nike Flyknits, because if you look good, than you perform good and look good. This woman is unbelievable influencer and believer, that everyone has power to make own dreams come true. Robin will never forget her finish line of of MS Run the US, it was a hard challenge, but it was worth it. Then she sipped champagne listening to Jay-Z.




11. Bianca Cheah


Famous Australian yogi runner, model and founder of Sporteluxe. Her awesome body will make you a big fan of beach yoga. She's focused on health, fitness and healthy living. Bianca Cheah is a glowing image of style and beauty. At the same time, she's a successful businesswoman and a qualified yoga instructor. People like her bring the light in our world. She give you a lot of skincare and healthy eating tips, she’s like a supermodel from fitness.


Her Instagram has intersting topics about healthy lifestyle and fashionable activewear. Beauty has been the biggest part of her life, in her early 20 she started a supermodel career. She’s a sneakerhead, Reebok and Nike are her favorite brands for activewear. Being healthy and active are those things that make her inspire the rest of the world.



12. Misty Copeland


This stunning ballerina will encourage you in your dance efforts. Her athletic body and elegant performances look really hypnotizing. After seeing her Instagram profile, you will want to repeat all her moves. Her dance moves are full of passion and inner love. Among different fitness account, she's like a diamond in dirt.


Thanks to her striking ballet skills she made her cameo appearance in different movies, in 2009 Copeland was noticed in music video “Crimson and Clover” by Prince. Misty Copeland became the first African American female principal dancer and turned into a pop icon. Don’t think it was easy, she was working extra hard to reach her goals.



13. Chelsey Korus

She's a dancer, yogi, fitness model and acrobat at the same time. Incredible, right? Everyday she posts her incredible yoga stunts and acrobatic feats. It's easy to see sunny spots in her images; she inspires people with her positive attitude and healthy lifestyle. It's impossible to pause any of her videos. Her wild energy will make your lazy ass get out of the sofa and do something.


Chelsey Korus’ life philosophy and wisdom help her students to live their best life. Her style combines the best from yoga, capoeira, classical ballet and acrobatic training. She was featured on PopSugar, Women's Health Magazines as certified trainer and a person who’s got passion for life. Her fashion career is going up, Mercedes Benz fashion shows are glad to see her as their best model. Hope, it’s not the last time when you read about this phenomenal woman.



14. Dylan Werner


Are you ready to take off your shoes and strike a pose? Dylan Werner's fabulous photos and videos will encourage you. This L.A. based yoga instructor does the most unbelievable and breathtaking tricks with his body. Dylan says that yoga is a culmination of everything he loves. His strength and flexibility are nothing but the union between his body and soul. The beauty of yoga helps him to achieve main goals of his life.

Most men in the western world think that yoga is for girls, but they are totally wrong. You need to be very flexible and strong in arms to perform different poses for an hour. It’s not easy at all. Dylan body’s is a temple of beauty and strength. After seeing his mind-bending Instagram photos and videos you will want to meet him in real life.



15. Jeanette Jenkins


She's one of those celebrity trainers people don't know about. Among her clients are Alicia Keys, Serena Williams, and Kelly Rowland. Jeanette knows hot to get the best results. Her cardio and nutrition tips will help you to stay on your healthy track. So if you want to get that sizzling celebrity bikini body, then her tips are what you really need. By the way, her motivational quotes really make sense, that's why you should forget about excuses and enjoy your workouts.


Jeanette Jenkins is founder of The Hollywood Trainer Club, also she’s the CEO or the president, call you want do you like it. She created her personal weight loss plan: which can change you life in 21 days. She’s a well known person in the media world, that’s why she was featured on and to NBC’s Today Show, The Dr. OZ Show, The Doctors, Tia & Tamera, BET’s 106&Park and many others. She works celebrities and help them to reach the best results by using her impressive experience, motivation and knowledge. Fitness saved her life, now she’s saving celebrity careers and make them look fabulous.