The Beauty Who Dropped 130 Lbs Flaunts Her Weight-Loss Scars

Dima Tolkachov


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Conner Rensch's impressive weight loss transformation is a story of gaining through losing. By the time she was 18 years old, Conner had weighed 271 pounds. Dissatisfied with her body, she decided to change her lifestyle and she managed to reach her fitness goals. Moreover, she earned the respect and admiration of thousands of fans after she shed half her body weight. It took her two years to work her way up from a chubby girl to a fitness muse, from an easy target of bullies to an Instagram role model. Let's take a look at each step she took during her astonishing journey towards self-improvement that will inspire you to live a healthier life without looking for an excuse to skip the gym today!



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Victory through discipline


The process of slimming down requires a lot of discipline, hard work, and belief in yourself. Everyone, who has even been on a diet, is familiar with the constant temptation to give up. However, Conner was determined to get twice as skinny. Her plan was both simple, and challenging at the same time. She forced herself to ditch processed food and began to eat sparingly. The first weeks turned into a painful experience for the big eater with a sweet tooth, but she triumphantly passed the low-carb test and dropped 23 pounds within three weeks. A nutritionist and a personal trainer made a contribution to her astonishing transformation. The girl got started with cardio exercises, kickboxing and weightlifting, and gradually managed to lose a whopping 130 pounds.



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100% self-confidence


After years of feeling rejected and insecure, the 26-year-old Nebraskan turned into a social media sensation with 60K of Instagram followers. She mustered up her courage to enter a fitness contest, wear a bikini in public for the very first time and proudly flaunt her stretchmarks – the signs of her determination and will power. Conner's fairy tale continued when she got victorious over the rest of the models who took part in the competition!



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Continuous self-motivation


The dramatic transformation and the beauty pageant victory gave the girl motivation to go on with her new lifestyle. She turned into a fitness coach who motivates her followers into keeping a toned figure with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Furthermore, the fabulous beauty with a heart-warming smile was eventually given the honor of gracing the cover of People magazine's January 2015 issue.



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Improved self-esteem


Conner thinks she's the same girl, but she feels healthier and happier after the dramatic weight loss. The beauty refuses to hide her post-weight-loss scars. She's not scared of showing off the stretchmarks as they demonstrate how far she managed to come.The glorious victory in a bikini contest gave her momentum to be proud of her natural body. Regardless of her flaws, she shimmied her way into everyone's heart.



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Keep on achieving because only sky is the limit


A nutritionist and a personal trainer made a contribution to her astonishing transformation. Conner traded pizza and pasta for non-processed food, and now she maintains her toned waist with meal planning and weightlifting. Her before-and-after photos are the most empowering illustrations of her weight-loss success. She shares them with 60 thousands of her Instagram followers. They look for inspiration to keep up their workout routine by checking out strories of normal people instead of gawking at celebrities.



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