8 Unexpected Benefits Of Posting A Gym Selfie

Dima Tolkachov


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If, in addition to a towel, your gym kit must always include a smartphone, you couldn't help but hear the joke, "your workout didn't happen if you didn't take a selfie.” Indeed, there's been a serious backlash against workout selfies lately. People get increasingly concerned about whether it's right to flaunt shamelessly one's body in the gym. Is it pure narcissism or a necessity? It can be either depending on your goals and the reasons why you bought a gym membership. If your ego is desperately in a need of self-admiration, people are likely to get irritated with this for a good reason. However, none of your social media friends will dare chastise you for posting a self shot from the gym, under the condition that you explain the benefits of purposefully and regularly taking post-workout pictures.


source // thechive


Please note: we're talking about those streaming with sweat and not always too pleasant images taken only after you finished perspiring on the treadmill. Let's leave the honor of posting flawlessly sexy and — more importantly – dry portraits to Instagram models and posers. Sorry to disappoint you. They might look drop-dead gorgeous, but real people must look sweat-drop exhausted in order to achieve their fitness goals.

Rhetoric aside, here are undeniable advantages of taking and posting post-exercise self shots: