What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Viacheslav Pechernyi


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Our sleeping position is a body language we can’t fake. Words can lie, but our bodies can’t. The way we sit or hold our hands can tell if we like the person in front of us or not. Judging by the way you scratch your nose, or ears people can operate as living lie detector. Some people try to trick their way out of these situations and train to hide their true feelings or intentions by constantly controlling their posture. But about the situations you can't control when you are asleep. Because we are all especially vulnerable when we sleep. Your sleeping position may indicate that you secretly hold a grudge on your significant other or that you can’t get enough of your loved one. Sometimes, the pose you strike while you’re asleep simply means that you’re fed up with your partner and it’s time to move on. Your body language reveals a lot more about your relationship than words. Take a closer look at these sleeping positions to decode what really goes on in your relationship.


The spoon



This is the most common pose among couples; this position is very intimate and sexual. When two people fall in love with each other the want stay close to each other. When you’re sleeping like that, it means that you fully trust your partner. This position provides the most amount of physical contact with your spouse. Such sleeping position is especially common among couples in the beginning of their relationship.  If you sleep like that after 10 years of living together – congratulations! You have managed to keep your relationship fresh and you still can't get enough of your loved one. By the way, If you like to put a hand over your partner it indicates that you’re either a protective person or a little bit possessive.


Sleeping on your partner’s chest



If you’re your partner sleeps on the back and you like to fall asleep with your head on your partner’s chest, it says that the person is powerful, confident and uses this power and confidence to protect you. It is hard to imagine a girl sleeping on her back and a guy leaning towards her, but such combination does happen pretty often. Some men want to feel safe and be protected in their sleep. And some powerful ladies are happy to provide that protection.


Face-to-face hug



This position is commonly used by couples in the beginning of their relationship. It means that you can’t get enough of each other that you want to remain eye-contact even when you’re asleep. It can also mean that both of you are a little too dependent on each other. They say that love and happiness are just a chemical reactions. Countless scientific studies constantly confirm that it is all about dopamine. But who cares about that scientific mumbo jumbo? When you are in love you just want to hold your loved one close.


With nothing touching but your feet or legs



This can be a little tricky because this pose can mean that you don’t trust each other enough that you can only touch each other accidentally; or that you are head over heels for each other and feel comfort. Well, actually this position can mean many things. Apart from aforementioned assumptions, this pose can mean that some people are particularly shy and even in their subconsciousness they can't afford themselves to express certain emotions.     


Sleeping on your stomach



This position demonstrates that you feel a little insecure and uncomfortable. People who sleep on their stomachs try to protect the front of their bodies which may indicate the lack of sexual trust. Probably, people who sleep on their belly are not really confident about themselves. Sure, there might be a solid reason for such shyness, maybe they should slash off a few pounds, for example. So whenever your partner sleeps like that, you should cuddle up your loved one to make him or her feel themselves subconsciously safe.


Sleeping on separate sides of bed 



This position can mean many things. A lot of couples tend to snuggle in the beginning of their relationship and later on try to be further apart. This is just the way it goes in life. It can be a result of mutual trust, that you stopped trying too hard to be romantic. You have accepted each other for what you really are and just want to have a good night’s sleep; or that you grew tired of each other and want to go your own separate ways. At the end of the day, it is really important to trust your partner and if you have been together for a long time, you should give each other some space. Good night!