Marvelous Spots In Amsterdam Only The Locals Know

Alyssa Lightman


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     How much do we know about Amsterdam? A beautiful capital of the Netherlands is famous for its canals, red-light streets, café shops and tulips. It is a so-called Disneyland for the adults where we can legally do things that are banned in our countries. An entertainment center of Europe. If you want to have real fun – go to Amsterdam, they say, because if it is not Dutch – it is not much. The Dutch have their way of satisfying even the most demanding tourists.


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     Alongside the fancy bars and pubs with the most delicious Dutch and German beer, there are beautiful parks to please the nature lovers and touch aesthetes to the souls. Delicious dessert, ‘stroopwaffels’ are usually served with luscious coffee in white and blue mugs. The city has its atmosphere different from the other European cities. And of course, there is no surprise that Amsterdam is usually crowded with tourists. Citizens say that there are two main types of them: 


  1.          1. Regular tourists, those with cameras and maps in their hands,  walking around and taking pictures of everything they see.                                      
  2.          2. Russian and UK tourists. This is the most remarkable type. You will hardly find a sober one among them. They are annoying, rude and too loud. Dutch say that as they see a screaming company of drunk people – they change the route.                                                                                                       


    This is why there is a separation of city sightseeing spots for the touristic ones and those where you can hardly meet a foreigner. If you think all the non-tourists destinations are located in the dirty gray basements so that nobody could find them – you are wrong! These places are so amazing that you will want to visit them once. And here we start:


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      Amsterdam Forest. Every year this place turns into the setting for about 250 awesome events. That is when it is crowded with people, but in between them, it is a nice and peaceful place where one can have a pleasant walk at any season. If you decide to travel with your kids – bring them in.


     There are lots of activities you can take part in together. How about admiring the unique nature? Too boring? Take a walk to the real animal farm where you will be taught taking care of domestic animals. You will be given a chance to feed the sheep, lambs and piglets and even play with them.

     If your kid is out of that age – offer him or her a voyage to the Fun Forest. A nice place for getting a dose of adrenaline. After putting on all the equipment and adjusting yourself, you can try yourself as an alpinist. Climb the highest trees, go through the highest and the dangerous rope bridges among them.


       Pure excitement guaranteed. Are you tired of extreme and now dream of some magic and romance? Head directly to the mini port. Let the tutors show to your kids how the boat works and rent a tiny wherry for your own. Take a romantic trip along the river to admire the nature.


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      Schelingwounderdijk or Schelingwounderpark. If you are looking for a nice place with free access to water and all the city parks and beaches are stuffed with people – take a car and go to the Schellingwounderdijk. You will have to walk about 200 meters to enjoy the water, but it is worth it. Unite with nature and let the all other world disappear. A nice place for meditations or a romantic date.


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    Buurboerdererij. A real oasis in the city. A nice long valley leads to a weird looking house where you can try the most delicious chicken in the whole Amsterdam ring. It is a nice initiative that deserves a larger support.


      Join the free yoga class or visit a give-away shop. This place makes all the favorite elves and fairies stories real. You are a tiny elf in a deep green forest. Enjoy your meal, fresh air, and fascinating scenery and do not forget to come back. 


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    KattenKabinet. Take a break from all those outdoor activities and visit something incredible! Animal lovers, you are a step away from heaven! This museum is devoted to cats. Hundreds of paintings and drawings by artists with world's names will hardly leave anyone indifferent. A few furry felines wander the halls of the museum as well, creating the atmosphere of peace. 

      If you are still hesitating about a trip to Amsterdam – stop right now. Book yourself a ticket, find a nice hotel and go. This city will open its hidden sides to you and show off all its treasures. It does not matter who you are. Amsterdam has something special for each of us. Plan your trip in advance and you will never be bored in here. Let one of the most popular European capitals open its doors for you.