Girls’ Funniest Tweets About Diets

Maxxim Belousov


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There are a lot of women in this world who can eat whatever they want and still look gorgeous. Many of us saw these women in action. Their metabolism is too fast, and they are not gaining weight.

Of course, there are a lot of girls who choose to bring fruit and yogurt to the pizza party, but many women don't fall into that category. In some cases, all you can do is to suffer. Women are addicted to tasty meals and sometimes even to the junk food.


Sometimes your diet experience can be your worst nightmare. These super funny tweets will make you believe the struggle is real. These girls made hilarious tweets and now it's time to see them all. Don't be upset. Just do your best and proud of who you are. And If you feel sad, a piece of chocolate will bring your smile back.


1.Girls fall in love with donuts. They can eat them all the time, and it's a big challenge when you are on a diet. In case if you are a donut addict these tasty little things will turn your flat stomach into Homer Simpsons' fat belly. OMG! A lot of girls can't say no to donuts; it's easy to understand them because even gorgeous cuties have a sweet tooth. And after all, these extra calories, the gym will be waiting for your lazy butt like ‘Honey, keep trying harder'. But don't attempt to hide the box of donuts under your bed, because your boyfriend won't understand your eating habits.


source // twitter