10 Wardrobe Items Every Guy Falls For

Maxxim Belousov


fashion man guy Oxfordshirt denim jacket sneakers designed shoes brogues hoodie suit peacoat sweater

Just like women, men have some passion for fashion. It's obvious because every single man wants to look elegant and stylish to get more attention from the opposite sex. These days it's really easy to find your own style to self-express yourself. Every guy must have these ten items in his wardrobe.


Wardrobe Items


1. Oxford shirts


This is what every guy needs to buy. This one is really practical, and you can match it with everything from hoodies to denim jackets. You can wear it tucked or untucked, do it the way you like it. It's never enough to have a few of these. You can simply find what you like among different colors. It looks awesome without a jacket with sleeves rolled up. Also, girls like to steal them and wear in the morning. It works great with a suit, and makes a man look very classy. Polo brand made it popular since 1980's.These days every stylish guy must have at least one Oxford shirt.





2. Denim Jacket


This thing right here, is a classic one, it's been around for a century, and it's still relevant. Every likes to rock denim jackets from bad boys to nerds. So you can wear them over the top of hoodies, or underneath your raincoat. You can wear with high sneakers or Chuck Taylors and look fabulous. We can name a million reasons why you need to have a denim jacket, but what for? Today every hipster owns it in his wardrobe, but a denim jacket has been around for a very long time. The one reason why you have to cop it, because it's useful for most time of the year. Spring or fall it still will warm you. You jacket and jeans must have a bit of contrast,if you don't want to look stupid.




3. Chinos


These pants are somewhere between jeans and trousers, even if you are not a big fan of khaki. You can wear them almost with everything from oxford shirts to Air Jordans. At the same time you can wear them with shoes to get yourself a classy look. You don’t have to iron them, and it’s amazing. They are comfortable, and you can cop the best one among various colors. There are a lot of different types of chinos. Chinos were designed with a military purpose, so you wanna be a soldier? But became very popular for last 10 years. They are strong, comfortable and have various colorways. Chinos and a denim jacket are nothing but a perfect scenario for every guy. It's a cool alternative to denim and will make you look really tailored.




4. Designed sneakers


When we talk about designed sneakers, the price may hurt your feelings, but they are worth it. Nobody will ever care about your clothes after seeing you rocking a pair of fresh designed sneakers. Brands like Maison Martin Margiela or Raf Simons are what you really need. You will have all eyes on you when you walk by in some of these. There are low-top and hi-top designed sneakers you can find anything you want. A lot of people will always look at your feet, a pair of cool sneakers will make you feel like a superstar. A word to say about designed sneakers they are comfortable and will add extra charm to your look, but don’t be a hypebeast, please.




5. Brogues


Now forget about sneakers, because you have to own something else in your wardrobe. They are part formal, part casual, the easiest way to make a good impression on people. Even your are a big fan of Air Jordans; these guys right here will be your best friends too. These shoes will make you look like a man! They were designed in rainy Scotland or Ireland, for workers who needed something strong and warm to protect their feet from muddy countryside weather. The Brogue is a very versatile shoe and it comes in different shapes. Today not only working class people wear Brogues, it’s a good choice no matter what’s your occupation, you are a businessman or social worker, or just a guy who wants to be stylish.




6. Hoodie


A plain hoodie without any logos is what you need because only hype beats rock hoodies with logos and all that kind of stuff. A fleece hoodie will make you feel warm when it's cold outside. It can be a part of your streetwear style or casual ones. A simply zipped hoodie can be worn with basic ten things from your wardrobe. We can crack a joke that no one will wear hoodie in broad daylight unless you want to rob somebody’s house. But let’s make it clear a plain hoodie is nothing but a part of style. Grey hoodie can go with your black coat or leather jacket, but don’t get too long hoodie, make sure it fits you right.




7. Leather jacket


Real men know what's up. Tough guys were rocking leather jackets since the age of Dinosaurs. Now times have changed, but things are still the same. Women feel passion for guys in leather jackets. It has to fit right, and you have to find one that will reflect your personality. If you think that you are a tough guy, then you can't go outside without your leather jacket. There different styles of leather jackets from bikers to futuristic ones. A classic leather jacket will make your look like a macho man from Hollywood movies. Do you want to look like a brutal and stylish young men? That leather jacket is what you need. Leather is one of those things that will always stay fashionable.




8. Non-Black Suit


It can be navy or coral gray. But blue is a perfect one. You can rock it for any occasion from weddings to funerals, from job interviews to parties. This item will make you look solid. Girls adore men who wear suits, so you have to get at least one. You can wear jeans and sneakers your whole life. A boy has a swag, but a man - class! Your formal clothes will make you think different and act different, it’s a fact. A good suit will never make people think bad about you. Besides, you have the whole weekend to wear jeans and Chuck Tailors.




9. Peacoat


A good choice for your winter needs. This fashionable item will make your look extravagant. This coat will never go out of style. Centuries ago it was a favorite outerwear of sailors, now everyone from rappers to high fashion snobs feel free to own it. Why not? This item is pretty classy, and it increases your chances to be attractive to ladies. Cop it or not, you decide.This menswear can help you to create really masculine look. There are a wide range of high-end offering Zara to Tommy Hilfiger. It goes great with sharp suits or jeans with t-shirts.




10. Cashmere V-neck Sweater


A cashmere sweater will add sophistication and comfort to every outfit you wear. It goes with everything from jeans to a suit. Isn’t it awesome, right? A few cashmere sweater will keep you warm and stylish for the rest of your life. The most basic colors are burgundy, navy and gray. A lot of girls love when their boyfriend wear V-neck sweaters, sometimes it’s really cute, but don’t fool yourself, chose only classy V-neck sweaters that are matching your style. Because you are the man!