11 Childhood Fears From Film That Left Permenant Scars

Viacheslav Pechernyi


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Horror movies are awesome. But also terrifying. People who get easily scared tend to get nightmares and some can develop bizarre phobias just from watching a horror movie. Nonetheless, it is always so exhilarating to get the adrenaline rush from a sudden jump-scare or a slow-turning door knob. Such imagery can send chills down your spine and fill your head with phobias for the rest of your life. No wonder these flicks get rated R, but kids tend to find a way to slip into the movies and sometimes these movie monsters damage your mind and leave permanent scars.



1. Samara Morgans


This little girl looked harmless until you’ve seen what she had done to her victims. Samara has instantly become the reason for millions of nightmares. Back in the day when video tapes were relevant, any unidentified video tape was instantly destroyed. Just because of that disturbing “the Ring” movie. Remember? You watch the movie, get a call, someone mumbles that you have 7 days before you die, and in a week Samara shows up. That movie was unforgivably scary.


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2. Pennywise the Dancing Clown


Clowns are supposed to make children happy, right? Unfortunately, this wisecracking monster made children hate the circus forever. Seriously, how can you go to the circus when it is full of these Pennywise the Clowns. But even if it was not for the evil genius of Steven King, these clowns are really scary. It must be in makeup, there is something wrong about that pale skin and red lips.


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The Predator


The predator is a ruthless monster, he kills people for no apparent reason and treats Earth ans his playground. The famous extraterrestrial hunter from the 80's is a pop-culture icon. He killed off the entire crew of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even Arnie barely stopped that evil alien. He also had a bone to pick with The Alien, another iconic monster. We have seen them battling out in Alien vs. Predator (what a letdown that movie was, right? It looked like it had potential) Sure, this alien hunter doesn’t qualify as a horror movie monster, but he definitely scared us when he took off his mask. Plus, the way he massacred those village people, ouchie!


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4. Mia from Evil Dead 


Group of kids end up in a cabin and accidentally release a demon. The story is simple enough, but the imagery can easily melt your brain. When you think about how cliché all of these horror movies are you can easily get bored. It is so weird when you see people do things they could only do in a movie. Really, if you are being followed by a monster, demon or a maniac, why would you split up? Or if you get lost in the woods and find an abandoned house that looks like a dump, a bit later you find a book that is wrapped up in black plastic bags and barbed wire – why would you want to open it up and read out loud?!


source // umalienaos20.wordpress


5. Regan from The Exorcist


These demons love invade other people’s bodies. Poor Regan got possessed and made all of us too scared to sleep with the lights turned off. Religion is a tricky topic, a lot of people seem to be overly emotional and the whole devil possession thing can get people seriously paranoid. This movie was mad in the 70s when jump scares were not so popular. Film-makers built tension throughout the movie When you actually see the monster coming at you it is probably even scarier. And don't forget the creepy 360-degree head spin.


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6. Stripe from Gremlins


This horror/comedy is absolutely insane. Just looking at Stripe was gut-wrenching.  There’s nothing cute about this disgusting monster. The movie received mixed review and we feel nothing but hate towards this odd-looking creature. 


source // histoirescecile13.wordpress


7. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill


How many monsters can actually tear off all of their victim’s skin in one swoop. Well, this one can, so he rightfully takes the place in this list. Can you imagine the horrible face that pyramid hides? Let's hope we will never find out.


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8. Jason Voorhees


This demented fella is a fan favorite. Jason can decapitate people in one swing and leave the viewers of his movies sleepless for months.


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9. Freddy Krueger


Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep! Because this monster will be waiting for you in your sleep.  This guy makes insomnia seem not so bad, after all.


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10. Count Dracula 


We’ve seen this blood-sucker in dozens of various movies. There is definitely something special about this monster that makes so many people gravitate toward him.


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11. Pinhead from Hellraiser


This monster made all of us cringe. Pinhead obviously has a certain love for S&M fashion. This guy is really hard to look at


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