10 Star Wars Heroes That Get Us Hot & Bothered

Viacheslav Pechernyi


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The Star Wars universe is full of unique characters. There are the Jedi who are the protectors of peace in the galaxy, there’re the Sith who represent the dark side of the force, there are countless creatures and alien forms of life. Over the years, we enjoyed some of the most exiting stories. With “The Force Awakens”, for the first time in 10 years we finally get to meet some new characters.  And as if the Star Wars universe wasn’t awesome enough, this galaxy has some of the sexiest characters. Take a closer look at the 10 most seductive SW heroes in no particular order:



1. Rey 


Fans from across the world has instantly fallen in love for this Star Wars newbie. Her origin remains unknown, although Mark Hammil in his recent interview has claimed that Luke treats her like a father would treat his daughter. In any case, the young starlet has already stole our hearts. We can’t get enough of her adorable smile. Despite the fact that even the director had second thoughts on Daisy's acting skill in the beginning, we all can agree that she stole every scene she was in.



2. Kylo Ren 


Another newcomer in Star Wars universe. The ultimate fanboy of Darth Vader is absolutely gorgeous and he also has a gorgeous split lightsaber, just as awesome as his owner. Sure, Kylo might get angry sometimes and he wears his mask to instill fear into his enemies, but we can't help but love this.



3. Poe Dameron


They say he’s the best pilot in the galaxy, but millions of fans have fallen in love with him for his incredible good looks. You could stare at his eyes for weeks, right? Marvel has actually released a comic book about Poe's adventures, so if you feel like the pilot did not get enough screen time, you can pick up a comic book and discover what he has been up to. 



4. Anakin Skywalker


A lot of Star Wars fans don’t appreciate the prequels, but they had one particular advantage – Hayden Christensen’s gorgeous body. When Darth Vader has finally took off his mask in the last installment of the original trilogy, we say an old and crippled Sith. And that left us wondering, how he actually looked in his younger years. Luckily for the fans, the casting crew for the prequels found Hayden.




5. Padme

You’d have to insanely hot to make the coolest Jedi in the galaxy notice you. Luckily, Padme is exactly like that. And Padme is extremely smart (they don't allow any dummies to take the seat in the senate) , so you’ve got the whole package there: the brains and the looks. Natalie Portman, the actress who reprised the role of Padme, did a lot of modeling, just as Hayden. You might argue that they had a terrible chemistry on screen, but you can't deny their incredible looks.



6. Princess Leia


It must be in the genes.  How else would you explain Skywalkers’ hotness? When Star Wars fans saw the princess as Jabba’s slave in that bikini, they instantly went crazy. No doubt, that all guys had Princes Leia's poster in their rooms she definitely was your dad’s crush for years. Even now, when geeks get together at comic conventions this costume is one of the most popular.  The hottest girls choose Leia's bikini costume because it is so darn seductive. 



7. Finn 


When you betray the First Order on the first day on the job, you better have a plan B for your future employment. Fortunately, Finn could easily start a modeling career. Finn didn't have the guts to kill innocent people so he decided to join the rebellion with his new friends Poe and Rey. Take a closer look at this hunk! 



8. Jango Fett


We wanted to include Obi Wan Kenobi from the prequels on this list because he is nothing short of amazing, incredibly handsome and highly skilled Jedi. Also, Obi is one of the few reasons that prequels are actually appreciated for. But you’d have to have a body of a Greek god to be chosen as a genetic template for a countless army of clones. And the galaxy decided that Jango is a better fit for the task. For that reason only, Jango deserves a place on the list.



9. Aurra Sing


This seductive bounty hunter is primarily known for her appereances in the Clone Wars series, but she actually was seen in Phantom Manace as well. Go check it out. The actress who reprised the role of the bounty hunter is also unforgivably alluring in real life. Tons of makeup could not hide her inexplicable beauty.



10. Aayla Secura


Feast your eyes on this alien hottie. Sith or Jedi but Ryloth ladies are extremely seductive.