10 Insane Facts To Make You Love Deadpool Even More

Viacheslav Pechernyi


movie deadpool facts

Wade Wilson aka Regenerative Degenerate, aka the Merc with the Mouth, aka Deadpool is a fan-favorite for a good reason! What’s not to like? He’s hilarious, super-good with guns and katanas, and nearly immortal. Also, the guy has this badass red & black suit. The awesome anti-hero has finally hit movie theaters and it is probably the first successful R-rated superhero movie. Sure, it wasn't the rating that made the box office, it's this completely unique approach to the superhero genre. The big part of that success heavily rely on the actor who played the role of masked mercenary Ryan Reynolds. It looks like Ryan was born to play Deadpool. Good job, Mr. Pool. Now let’s dig into the craziest Deadpool facts of all time.




1. Deadpool is married to a demon 


The famous mercenary has been heartbroken many times, but he seems to find the perfect lady – the demon queen of the undead. It is really hard for a guy whose face looks like a topographical map of Utah (or whose face is like an old avocado had sex with an older avocado) to find a date, but his good heart and incredible charisma has finally did something good for him.



2. Deadpool is self-aware


He knows he’s in comics, makes pop-cultural references and constantly breaks the 4th wall. Actually, he once destroyed the entire Marvel universe by “killing” Marvel’s writers. He actually jumped from one panel to another and kept dicing the most beloved Marvel heroes. He went so nuts that he went to the Marvel office and stabbed the writers. Another Marvel character who is aware that she is fictional is She-Hulk, but that is a story for another time.



3. Deadpool is a huge Spider-Man fan


Occasionally they team up and people in comic books often confuse them. Actually, he is such a Spidey fan that he created his suit to be somewhat reminiscent of Spider-Man's outfit. Also, Wade thinks he is best friends with the wall crawler. Unfortunately for, Wade, the feeling is not mutual. It is more of a love-hate relationship. When you really think about it, Wade is a nice guy and he gravitates towards good people. Captain America is another Deadppol's icon, but he doesn't seem to fit in with the good guys. He is too bloody. In fact, Deadpool was originally pitched as Spider-Man with guns.




4. Deadpool is nearly immortal


He was smashed to a pulp by Hulk, blown up by the Punisher, cut to shreds by Wolverine and was lit on fire more times that he could count.  And also impaled by an elephant. Seriously, check out the story arc when he tests the limits of his healing factor. When he realised that his healing factor does miracles he realized that life is meaningless and that the only way out is to end it. It seems a little bit depressing, but that is the beauty of Deadpool: he is hilarious and kind of sad, when you think about it.



5. Deadpool has bovinophobia

Which is the fear of cows. Some people are afraid of heights, others are terrified with insects, and some people are afraid of the darkness. And Deadpool's biggest fear are cows. Marvel even had one comic book issue when Deadpool managed to overcome his fear and teamed up with a cow. It was a vampire cow but still.



6. Deadpool is a copycat to DC’s Deathstroke


Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke is the best mercenary in DC world. Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is the best mercenary in Marvel’s universe. Coincidence much? We like the Marvel version better because it is genuinely funnier. Deathstroke is so serious all the time while Wade is slicing bad guys and constantly delivers hlarious one-liners.




7. Ryan Reynolds was destined to play Deadpool


Comic books actually addressed the fact that Deadpool looks like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and shar-pei years before even Wolverine: Origins came out




8. Deadpool’s first cinematic appearance turned out to be a total failure. Wolverine: Origins decided to sew the mouth of the chattiest character in Marvel




9. Deadpool’s healing factor comes from Wolverine


Secret facility Weapon X got a piece of Wolverine’s DNA and experimented on volunteers to create the perfect soldier. Emplyeed would bet on who of the patients would survive these horrific experiments in a so-called “dead pool”. After escaping the organization, Wade decided to take the name and wage vengeance




10. Deadpool has an evil twin


This story is gonna freak you out.  Wade’s been cut to pieces an infinite amount of times and once Deadpool had a crazy lady-stalker who collected all of his leftover body parts in the freezer.  When he discovered them, he throw them all in the dumpster. And since all of these parts still had Wade’s healing factor, they fused together and formed an Evil Deadpool with 2 right hands. Weird, huh?