Shocking Facts About Andy Warhol No One Knows

Alyssa Lightman


Warhol Art Pop

It is hard to find a person who does not know this pop icon of the 60’s. He was too extravagant to stay unnoticed. A talented artist, photographer, cinematographer and a musician headed the huge wave of cultural development of the country. We all know his unbelievably popular artworks, but only a few people know all the truth about his life.



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To start from the beginning, it is well known that the great Warhol was born in the family of the immigrants. His parents came from Slovakia. But nobody knows they actually originated from Ukraine and left the country after the occupation. His real name is Andrii Varhola. He has change it after settling in the USA. It took him much effort to learn English, but his mom never managed to do it so far. That was the main reason why none of his friends was welcomed to his place. He was too much ashamed of his mom speaking the weird European language. Although he deeply loved his mom and it was she who taught him the overwhelming love for art.


Andy was a typical “Mama’s Boy”. He lived with his mother until she passed away. Julia Varhola, the mother, was incredibly good at crafts. She made money on selling the hand-made goods, did great at painting and had an exceptional taste in art. When at the age of nine he has fallen ill with the severe disease, called St. Vitus’s dance, he had to spend 2 months at home. That was the time when his mom opened the incredible world of art to the future pop star. Since that time he founded his amateur collection of popular stars’ photos. His first lab was in his dad’s basement. Andy used it as his first black room where he took the first steps in photography. He got addicted to art. Although it did not bring him popularity and success in high school. Warhol was denied from the art club. The reason was shocking – young Andy turned out to be much more talented than all the club members together.


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Everyone knows him as an artist but he took his first step in this industry as a fashion journalist. He was accepted to the iconic today Glamour magazine when it was just one of the numerous fashion and style additions. The very first article ha came up was “Success is a Job in New York.” That was the beginning of his tremendous career. His first wages he spent on underwear. That was the #1 thing he used to buy for himself. His weird but cute fetish.


Warhol has never been married. Women never interested the great artist. Warhol was homosexual. A real inspiration for the gay community. His true love was named Marcel Duchamp. They met in Pasadena in 1963, where Warhol was exhibiting his paintings of Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley. He never made their relationship public. He was not ashamed of his nature but never disposed it as something super important. He was self-critical enough. Andy never considered himself a super handsome guy. He was one of the first stars who accomplished a plastic surgery. At the age of 29 he had a nose job.


Anyone has certain things he hates. Maestro had his personal buzz bug – leftovers. He had strong dislike for them and would have never touch ones. He actually was a picky eater and a fan of eating all alone. His even wanted to start a restaurant chain for lonely people where anyone could enjoy the meal sitting all alone. There are rumors about his secret phobia. It is hard to say what he was afraid of, but he used to record all his conversations. All his friends used to call his recorder Andy’s ‘wife’.


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Ever thought of his stunning grey hair look? Warhol came to it being 20. He thought it would be great to outline his face with that trick. The aim was to make people wonder of the epic correlation of grey hair to young wrinkle free face. We may say that he reached the result and throughout the history, he is remembered as a mature man with a young boy’s eyes.


As you can see – Andy Warhol was a weirdo. It is hard to say if that is a feature related to all the people of art, but the facts show him as a unique self-sustained man. He has lived a long, rich in events and exciting life. He created at least 60 movies including Kiss, Eat, Shoulder, Couch, Face, Kitchen, Horse, Suicide, Drink, Closet and Sunset. He left thousands of paintings the large part of which belongs to private collections. Andy Warhol’s Museum was visited by 25,000 people the first week after the opening and today this number reaches 300,000. That is quite enough to speak of him like of one of the greatest artists in history.