Sevdaliza, And 8 Reasons To Be Obsessed With Her

Dima Tolkachov


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Born in Iran and raised in Amsterdam, Sevdaliza became a songstress who denies the boundaries. Her life is remarkable as her music is. Her otherworldly persona emits natural sensuality, and her visceral vocals create musical dreamscapes where she reigns as a siren who transports you to the world of pure audio pleasure. Sevdaliza is a materialization of enigmatic femininity that both unnerves and tempts. Her experiments with music and video have already caught international attention, and she’s making a name of herself. Below are eight reasons why the 27-year-old musician is one of the most unique new stars who’ve recently appeared on the popular culture horizon.


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She used to be a basketball player


Sevdaliza was offered a basketball scholarship at the age of 16. She left home and eventually became a Dutch national team player. Playing sports on a high level disciplined her and taught her to work hard. These qualities proved to be useful when she started learning to sing and create her own music.


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She is totally self-taught


After receiving her masters in communication, she used to work in the office but quickly realized that it wasn't the life she longed for. Not trained to play any musical instruments or sing, she spent lots of time in the studio teaching herself how to use digital audio workstations. She experimented with her voice and ultimately found her style.


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She never stops evolving


Her persona is constantly changing. Sevdaliza isn’t afraid of reflecting this in what she creates. The variety of musical styles she’s drawn to ranges from raw, industrial R&B and dance-grooved rhythms to moody trip-hop and downtempo.


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She loves mysteries


Sevdaliza has always been hesitant to explain her work. Her comments are always intriguingly opaque. She leaves the quest for meaning in the hands of the listener epitomizing the freedom of interpretation with a phrase, "I am solely a student of life, an instrument of perception, I'm anything you want me to be."


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She makes weirdly magnificent videos


Stylistically different yet always enigmatic, her videos are rich in symbolism and sensuality. ‘Backseat Love' and ‘Sirens of the Caspian' offer erotic undertones and nighttime desires, while digital hyperrealism of ‘That Other Girl’ – one of the greatest 3-D video ever produced – visually manifests how soulless consumerism affects personal relationships. Blatantly minimalistic and, therefore, contemplative ‘Merilyn Monroe’ is a slap in the face of cheesy MTV visual culture, and ‘The Valley’ ironically flirts with the Internet-era identities.




She’s a collaborative person


Sevdaliza teamed up with Rotterdam-based producer Mucky to make her music. They spend hours to get a creative flow without forcing each other and letting each other breathe. She is happy to create her videos with close friends who aren’t professionally schooled as well but have a similar perspective towards music and art. Collaborations with other people influence her as a person and let her discover and understand different aspects of her personality.


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She has a heart-wrenching voice


Sevdaliza says more with sounds as she does with words. She turned her voice into an instrument, not less powerful than her music. Her uncanny ability to escalate from a soft whisper to icy peaks is viscerally striking. It gently touches your heart and penetrates deep into your soul.


She elegantly flaunts her natural sexuality


Of course, Sevdaliza’s Iranian origins contributed a lot to her exotic and mysterious identity. In combination with cold, futuristic flair, it screams temptation. Her sexuality is as ambiguous as her seductive vocals and cryptic lyrics. In her video for ‘The Valley', she appears as six different women who are bewitching in their own right. Sevdaliza can be kittenish and dominant, insecure and indifferent. Having an athletic post-basketball figure, she oozes charm and subtlety proving that she’s a real princess of the Tumblr and YouTube era.